Emraan-Kangana work out together!



Mumbai, July 24 -- Emraan Hashmi and Kangana Ranaut will pair up again in filmmaker Karan Johar's next production, Unglee, which is being directed by Rensil D'Silva. And we've been told that the two actors have been working out together for their respective roles.

An industry insider reveals, "The movie has Emraan and Kangana performing various kinds of action sequences. They need to be extremely flexible to do stunts, such as jumping from a building and other kinds of rigorous activities. To ensure that, Kangana has been undergoing CrossFit training for a while now and Emraan wanted to start that too. So, he eventually decided to begin a training session with her."

The source also says that owing to the training sessions, both have become good friends now. Ask Emraan about their chemistry and he says, "Kangana and I are having a blast while training in CrossFit together. It's a really difficult workout as it pushes your body to perform challenging tasks. But, we're ready to take up the challenge."

While Kangana made her Bollywood debut opposite Emraan in Gangster (2006), the duo teamed up again in 2009 for Raaz 2. This will be their third film together.