Emraan Hashmi: Such is wife!



Mumbai, April 19 -- On Wednesday evening, Emraan Hashmi was planning to take his family for a private screening of his horror film, Ek Thi Daayan, which releases today (April 19). However, the actor was in for a scary experience himself when a young woman named Rashmi Singh arrived at his doorstep, claiming to be his wife.

The woman even brought some cops with her. A source who was there says, "She claimed to be from Lucknow and called him Emraan Siddique. She stated that they were married and he had physical relations with her for two months. She also added that he used to call her continuously and had told her to come to Mumbai. But when asked to give more details, she was vague. The girl looked mentally unstable. She couldn't even give the number that she claimed Emraan had called her from."

The woman added that she has never seen any of the actor's films. The source adds, "As the media present at the event grilled her, it soon became clear that she was either faking it or was delusional." Emraan was taken aback by the incident. The source says, "She demanded that he be arrested for cheating. She kept repeating her story to anyone willing to listen. However, she had no proof of marriage."

A shocked Emraan didn't want to freak his family out and made arrangements for them to leave the premises. He then dealt with the police and left as well. We tried to get in touch with the actor, but he remained unavailable for a comment.