Emraan Hashmi: Serial kisser not worried!


By Hindustan Times

Mumbai, June 7 -- Being typecast as an actor is a fact that Emraan Hashmi has accepted. He points out that if 68-year-old Amitabh Bachchan is still the 'angry young man', he can't have a problem with his 'serial kisser' image.

Unapologetic about his numerous on-screen kissing scenes, Emraan, who's ready now to return with his role from Murder in the forthcoming sequel, says, "Everyone has a forte that fans come to associate them with. Being stereotyped is not detrimental to my career as long as it doesn't stop me from doing different films." By his own admission, 70 per cent of his films have sexual content, but the actor insists, "As long as I get to do engaging films and my fans are entertained, I am not worried."

Of course, with films that Emraan considers his forte, there's another problem in India. "We wouldn't know if the audience is ready until someone goes ahead and raises the bar. Compared to Hollywood, we are quite conservative, and the hypocrisy exists with the Censors as well," the actor opines, adding that the sexual content in his films are watered-down versions of what's available on TV today.

He says, "The shock quotient that existed in films nine years ago does not exist today. Back then, we were petrified about whether the no-holds-barred sexuality in Murder would be accepted. Also, today you can't sprinkle a three-minute sex scene in a film and expect it to do well."

Rueful that his colleagues in the movie industry still associate him with adult films, the actor promises he will balance his career in the next three years. "I am consciously trying out films like Shanghai and The Dirty Picture to satisfy my creative urge," Emraan admits.

As for his upcoming thriller with Jacqueline Fernandes, Emraan says, "The film talks about the underbelly of society, the world of prostitutes and what happens when the girls go missing. I play an ex-cop and drug dealer who is unofficially assigned to solve this bizarre case."