Emraan Hashmi: Serial kisser to Mr Six Pack


By Hindustan Times

New Delhi, July 10 -- Emraan Hashmi has just joined Bollywood's coveted six-pack club. "For two years, I have been slogging for a six-pack. Now, I'm ready to take off my shirt," says the 32-year-old actor, who's showing off rippling muscles in his latest release, Murder 2.

"It's a passing shot, but a good physique is a part of my character graph," he says, pointing out at the same time that beefed up bodies are overrated in the film industry. "It's sad that all the hard work finally comes down to the stomach and everyone only talks about the abs."

Hashmi, who earned the title of 'serial kisser' after his steamy act in the original Murder (2004), is now worried about the six-pack tag. "That would be unfair, it takes the focus away from your performance."

The sequel is reportedly inspired by the Nithari serial killings. "What made the case disturbing is that we've always associated cannibalism with primitive minds and not the seemingly educated elite," says Emraan.