Emraan Hashmi not in Karzzzz

By Joginder Tuteja,
Bollywood Hungama News Network

Emraan Hashmi has neither been approached nor signed for one of the principal roles in Himesh Reshammiya's second venture as a lead actor - Karzzzz. Though, rumours are abound that Emraan Hashmi has been finalized and signed for the role which was originally played by Raj Kiran in the original Subhash Ghai blockbuster, truth is completely different.

Confirms a senior crew member closely associated with the film, "These are baseless rumours. With all due respect to Emraan, he hasn't been signed for the film. Let alone signing him, we haven't even approached him." He goes on to add, "Please don't create a story around the entire thing. There is no bad blood between Emraan and Himesh; however, we haven't decided on final casting for the film. Every day we get to hear