Emraan Hashmi: Let's do it Gangnam style!


By Hindustan Times

Mumbai, Oct. 15 -- Good morning, my lovelies! How looks your day? I'm a Monday hater and I wish I could do something to make these early morning blues go away. Well, I have some goss on Emraan Hashmi, if that helps!

Apparently, the actor is a big fan of this music video, which has gone viral on the net - 'Gangnam style'. It show a Korean rapper, Psy, dancing and singing rather comically. And Emraan has loved it so much, that he now wishes that Psy could do a few of his standard moves in any of his next films. And Emraan is very vocal about these ideas too.

Well, I frankly think it would be really cool to have the artiste on board. At least we'll get to see something new apart from those regular item numbers. Producers and directors, please take Emraan's wish seriously!

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