Emraan Hashmi gets involved in Hollywood project!

By Hindustan Times

Bagging a Hollywood project is a thrilling affair, and Emraan Hashmi, who is playing the lead in filmmaker Danis Tanovic’s next film, too, is excited about his upcoming venture. So much so, that he has decided to help the No Man’s Land (2001) director Tanovic by doing a recce for the film.

An insider reveals, “Emraan wants to be completely involved and is taking a personal interest in the film’s development. Therefore, he will be accompanying Tanovic when he goes scouting for locations. Emraan will travel with the director to check out locations in LA (USA) and London (UK) as well as tier-two cities and small towns of India. They will consider several options in India for the perfect location. Emraan will not only be working closely with Tanovic in India but also in