Emraan and I, a perfect match in Raaz 3D: Bipasha


By Hindustan Times

Bipasha Basu is upbeat about her first 3D film. A decade after Raaz, the sultry actor returns to the Raaz franchise. Raaz 3D that will also mark the comeback of the original Raaz director, Vikram Bhatt, is scheduled for release on July 6.

“It’s a challenging role and I’m told it will be a difficult film to shoot. We will have to do it in bits and pieces because of the technology involved. But it’s still very exciting for me as an actor, more so after Hollywood 3D specialist Joe Hagg, who designed the visual effects for James Cameron’s Avatar (2009), has been roped in for 20 minutes of SFX for our movie. Wow, I can’t wait to put on my 3D glasses!” laughs Bipasha.

She admits quite frankly that when as a supermodel she had debuted with the Abbas-Mustan thriller, Ajnabee (2001), she wasn’t really serious about a career in Bollywood. “It was Raaz that got me interested in acting, after I was nominated in the Best Actress category for one of the popular awards. Footpath (2003) and Aetbaar (2004) that followed
reinforced my interest. It’s nice to be back with Vikram, he’s a good friend,” she says.

Her co-star in Raaz 3 is Emraan Hashmi. Remind her that she be paired with him in Woh Lamhe (2006) and Bipsha reasons, “I’ve seen Emraan from the time that he used to work as an assistant director on the sets. Those days he looked like a little boy and since I was a lot more voluptuous then, I looked older than him. But in the 10 years since, he has matured. He is a seasoned actor now. And having lost a lot of weight, I look younger too. I’m convinced we will make a perfect match in Raaz 3D.”

Bipsha had infuriated the Bhatts last year after turning down the lead in Murder 2 as she didn’t think the role was meaty enough. Then she had kept them dangling over a promised item number in the film, having to be replaced by Yana Gupta at the last minute.

Producer Mukesh Bhatt had lashed out at her in print. “Mukeshji is like a child,” she smiles. “He’s very transparent about his feelings, whether he’s happy or unhappy. I like that honesty. And I know that no matter what happens, the Bhatts love me and I love them.”