Ekta spends crores on a prime-time slot!



Mumbai, July 3 -- Ekta Kapoor, who has ruled television with many successful shows, knows its functioning really well. Implementing the same knowledge, the producer is now using the platform to promote her next film, Once Upon A Time In Mumbaai Dobara. Interestingly, Ekta has bought the prime-time slots of leading general entertainment channels (GECs) to play the second trailer of the film.

Normally, channels run trailers free of cost, but Ekta wanted the prime-time slots to promote the film. The trailer will be launched today (July 3). "It is between 8 pm to 11 pm that the popular shows are on air and people are hooked on to the TV. We wanted maximum people to watch the trailer, and what better than featuring it during prime time on four channels," says Tanuj Garg, CEO, Balaji Motion Pictures.

Though the production house did not want to reveal the exact amount spent to buy the slots, Tanuj says, "It is obvious that prime-time slots won't come cheap. But money was not an issue. We have spent in crores, as we know that running the trailer during prime time will attract many viewers and could target a greater audience. It will surely create more buzz for the film."

A spokesperson from Colors adds, "Ekta bought the ad space at usual sales rates." According to the production house, this is the first time that a trailer is being promoted on such a large scale. "Buying the prime-time slots of four channels will indeed promote the film massively. According to my knowledge, this is the first time that a production house is featuring a film trailer during prime time on so many channels simultaneously," adds Tanuj.