Ekta Kapoor can’t stop my film: Rakhi


By Hindustan Times

Producer Ekta Kapoor’s legal notice to Veena Malik-starrer Kannada remake of her hit flick, The Dirty Picture has not deterred actor Rakhi Sawant, who is starring in a Bengali remake of the National Award-winning movie.

“No. That’s not possible. Tell me it isn’t true,” the 33-year-old said when we informed her about Kapoor’s legal notice, before adding, “But I’m not doing a Dirty Picture part two or something. I’m doing it in Bengali.” Sawant was in the HT House on Thursday to promote her latest flick, Rakhtbeej.

The self-confessed “original item girl of Bollywood” further said, “She (Ekta) sent a notice to Veena Malik and not to me because I am Rakhi Sawant. She knows if she does that I’ll enter her house in protest. My director Shatabdi Roy is herself a member of Parliament. Who can send a notice to her?”

She further slammed the portrayal of Silk Smitha in the original film and said, “The way Silk Smitha was shown in the film is completely hideous. Item girls don’t go into people’s rooms and say ‘entertainment, entertainment, entertainment’. I’m the original item girl. I don’t smoke or booze. We get work because of our talent and not because of all that has been shown in that film.”

Sawant added that the government has “double standards” because “they first gave it a National Award for showing all that (derogatory and suggestive content) and then did not allow it to be screened on TV. Then why give it an award.”

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