Ekta Kapoor angry with Gulshan Grover ...

By IndiaFM News Bureau


Grover has modeled his character in choreographer Saroj Khan's son Raju

Khan's showbiz-expose Showbiz on Ekta Kapoor. The TV tycoon is far

from flattered. Producer Mahesh Bhatt known to cannibalize his friends'

lives, and his own in at least four films (Arth, Phir Teri Kahani Yaag Aayi,

Zakhm and Woh Lamhe) is as usual, candid on the matter.

"It was my director Raju Khan and Gullu (Grover) who decided to

incorporate the personality of an excessively religious media into Gullu's

character. They claim this character is sourced to the lady (Ekta). If Gullu

hadn't revealed this for obvious reasons no one would've known about it.

All art plagiarizes from life. But here the 'credit' must go entirely to Gulshan

Grover. Because it was he who thought of this touch of realism".

Ekta Kapoor is none too pleased with this 'tribute'. “All I've to say

is… why? Why is Mr Gulshan Grover playing me? This is the first time I'm

hearing about this. And I really don't want to say much. I've too much

happening in my office to worry about who's playing me in a movie."

Currently she's neck-deep in issues involving the change of the main

cast in Kyunki Saas Bhi Kabhi Bahu Thi. "I can't deny there're some

important changes happening in the serial. I'll soon be in a position to

reveal those changes.”