Ekta: "Advani Ji Hatiye, It's my turn!"


By Hindustan Times

NEW DELHI, Nov. 22 -- After politician LK Advani's harat Yatra that concluded on Sunday, it's kta Kapoor's turn to go on one. "I'm going to Kamakhya in Assam first and then Kolkata, followed by Tirupati and finally Ajmer Sharif. Poori Bharat yatra ki tayaari hai, koi bhagwan nahi chhodungi. Advaniji ab aap hatiye, kyunki hum aa rahe hain," says the 36year-old filmmaker, who is planning the pilgrimage to seek blessings for her upcoming flick, The Dirty Picture.

Kapoor, whose much anticipated biopic on South star Silk Smitha stars Vidya Balan, says she couldn't think of anyone who'd fit the role better.

"When I narrated the story to her (Vidya), she was shocked, but I insisted, 'no one but you'." And, she's glad Balan did justice to Smitha's role, complete with the curves. "She transformed herself into the character and had everyone enchanted with her curves. I wanted her to win our male dominated industry with this film," she says.

The TV soap czarina, this time, hasn't relied on numerological calculations to figure out the release date for the movie. "It's opening on December 2, Silk's birthday, so it's a tribute to the woman who was not a victim, but someone who lived her life on her own terms," says Kapoor, who is unperturbed by criticism be it from the audience or from Smitha's brother, who had threatened legal action against the film. "I'm okay with criticism. If they don't like anything it's their problem, not mine."