Egypt unrest affects promotions of Ship of Theseus


Promoting a film can be tiring, and stars come up with multiple reasons — from health issues to foreign travel plans — to avoid it. But Egyptian filmmaker-actor Aida El Kashef, who stars in Anand Gandhi’s film Ship Of Theseus (SOT), won’t be able to market the venture for a completely unique reason: the ongoing unrest in Egypt protesting the regime of president Mohammed Morsi.

When Aida was approached by Kiran Rao (who is presenting the film in India) and Anand to be part of the film’s promotional events, she replied saying she won’t be available. “Aida hasn’t been able to make it because she is participating in the revolution currently going on in Egypt. It’s truly an inspirational story for all of us. Although it’s disheartening that one of our cast members isn’t with