Eesha's icy memories!


By Hindustan Times

New Delhi, Nov. 28 -- Ah, I hate my Safedi Laal dhobi for sending me these hidden messages in between my ironed clothes. Now this note speaks about Eesha Koppikhar who went down memory lane, quite literally in recent time.

She was walking down the lane she often took to college a few days ago. My dhobi spotted her buying ice creams from a local seller who sold her the ice creams when she was in college. I'm told she had four cones with four of her favourite flavours and after the ice cream, she even licked her hand, just the way she did in her college days.

Does it look like I care for this weird information on people I couldn't care less about. But he'll chew my brains for sure, after all such is life dearies.