Eesha on promotion spree!


By Hindustan Times

Mumbai, July 26 -- There are ways to promote one's forthcoming film and there are desperate measures. Looks like Eesha Koppikhar Narang (whichever way she spells her name) believes in the latter, remarks Sher Lock Holmes.

Tell me about it I say and he informs me that the actress is taking the title of her film Hello Darling too seriously. Suna hai, she's asking whoever she meets to stop greeting her with a Hi, hello.. And instead, greet her with 'Hello Darling.'

Kyun? Kyunki that's the name of her next release, my dahlings, and Eesha is making sure everyone she knows and doesn't know hears of it. And if that's not enough, she's even asking her followers on a micro-blogging site to greet her thus, I'm informed. Can't blame Eesha really, for this is the last of her remaining movies to make it to the cinemas. Tsk tsk.