Eesha Koppikar: Ramu better answer


By Hindustan Times

New Delhi, Sept. 1 -- Eesha Koppikhar has been promoting her only upcoming film, Shabri, almost single handedly, but the actor makes no bones about the fact that she is upset with producer Ram Gopal Varma for ignoring the project, while tenaciously promoting other films.

"He is the producer of the film and since the past five years, he has time for every other film except this one. As the producer, he should give some time to the film, hai ki nahi? He has time for all films... like that movie Love Story... Shove story... whatever he has made (Referring to Not a love Story).

Eesha, 34, says that Ramu has not got in touch with her to explain his side. "He does not even know that I am upset. Everyone who has put his heart and soul in the film did not have an answer all these years. It's been five years... be it me or the technicians who worked on the film. Even Lalit, the director of the film, is upset. At least give us an answer. We didn't have an answer all these about what was happening to the film. When I got to know five months back that the film is finally releasing, I started doing my bit to promote the film, which is being released in phases," she says.