Earrings and a watch from mom are my most cherished gifts: Kareena


By Hindustan Times

Today is undoubtedly Kareena Kapoor’s day. For one, it’s her birthday and the icing on the cake is her highly anticipated film, Heroine, which has just released. (And this time next month, she’ll start a new phase in her life: that of Mrs Saif Ali Khan Pataudi or Kareena Khan Kapoor.)

On Wednesday night, Kareena received a token birthday present when friends from the film industry, like Gauri Khan, Salman Khan’s family and a few others, watched Heroine and gave her a resounding thumbs-up. But, she says, her best and most memorable birthday gift would be the audience’s approval. “That’ll make my birthday special and worth it,” she says during an exhaustive interview.

Birthday plans
I know there are various reports saying Saif is whisking me away to London, Goa or Dubai. But keep guessing, guys. I can only say that wherever I am, he is also with me.

Cutting a birthday cake
That’s what I unfailingly do every birthday. Cutting a chocolate cake is a ritual and I ensure that I have my mother, sister and friends with me. This time too, I’ll have my sister Lolo, my best friend Amrita Arora and her husband Shakeel Ladakh, Malaika (Arora Khan), Karan Johar, Shabina Khan and Manish Malhotra with me. These friends are always there for my cake-cutting ceremony.

Best birthday gift so far
I love receiving birthday gifts. Especially colourful bags and watches. But the most special ones are those that mom has given me over the years. They’re special because she went out of her way to get them for me. They are mostly some lovely earrings — big and small — in precious stones. They are my most treasured possessions. A gold Rolex watch she’d given me few years ago is my other cherished possession.

The first person to wish me on my birthday
It has to be my mom. She wishes me at 11.45 pm the night before. Then, my sister Karisma, followed by Saif and then my dad.

Birthdays are special for me: I still look forward to my birthday with a child’s wonder and awe. I love celebrating it with the people I love. And the best part is the lovely gifts I get from them. It makes me feel special.