DVD format of the near future

Soon, new format DVDs for movies will be out. According to the Guardian:

"Disney announced yesterday that it would release its films on Sony's Blu-ray DVD format - a week after three other Hollywood studios backed rival Toshiba's HD-DVD..."

"...Disney said it is backing Sony because Blu-ray offers higher quality and was backed by most consumer electronics manufacturers. But Warner, Universal and Paramount [Hollywood studios] are supporting Toshiba's HD-DVD product because they say it offers better anti-piracy guarantees..."

"...In the manufacturers' camp, more than 90 consumer electronics companies, including Matsushita, Phillips, Thomson and PC makers Dell and Hewlett-Packard, are backing Blu-ray. But Sanyo and NEC are backing HD-DVD. Both products promise higher storage capacity, superior image quality and stronger anti-piracy protection."

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