Dubai club breaks rule for Alia Bhatt!


By Hindustan Times

MUMBAI, Oct. 6 -- Dubai is known for its stringent laws. But this time, a club made an exception for newbie Alia Bhatt.

The incident occurred when the young actor, 19, was in the country with co-stars Varun Dhawan and Siddharth Malhotra, and director Karan Johar, to promote her debut film, Student of The Year. A source says, "One of the venues was a discotheque called The Vegas Club. The cast had to do a meet-and-greet session with some people.

Dubai's law states that no one below the age of 21 can enter a club, and this was one of Alia's main worries."

The source adds, "Usually, authorities in Dubai don't make exceptions, but this time, since it would only be for the film's promotions, they let Alia enter. This, in fact, was the first time Alia went to a discotheque while she was abroad."

In the past, the only time such an exception was made was when Justin Bieber had gone to Dubai for a performance, and the venue was a nightclub. The source adds, "The crowd that gathered wanted to see the whole cast of the film. They were extremely excited and it turned out to be a good event. And since Alia's entry issue was taken care of, they could promote the film without much worry."