'Drona' is not a super-hero film!


By Taran Adarsh, Bollywood Hungama News Network

Another director who's back after a sabbatical is Goldie Behl. There has been a substantial gap between his directorial debut BAS ITNA SA KHWAAB HAI and his second outing DRONA. "Two reasons," Goldie spells out, "Nothing inspired me to start a film in the intervening period. Besides, I decided to dabble in television and establish my company."

He gets into an introspective mood. "I was completely disillusioned. I took failure to my heart. But with the passage of time, I realized that one should never take failure to heart or success to head," the soft-spoken director states.

Goldie penned a couple of scripts in the intervening period. "And also made 3 / 4 films in my mind," he laughs. DRONA was 'born' after a lot of thinking and brainstorming sessions.

Now this is important: A lot of people feel that DRONA is a super-hero film, on the lines of Batman and Superman. Is it? "It's not! It's a modern-day fantasy adventure. Let me clarify, we haven't copied the West or the East. It's an original concept, very Indian at heart, a desi film, but presented in a contemporary format," he divulges.

Please continue. "I've grown up on popular Indian cinema and having grown up in a family environment, you'll see a lot of familial bonding in DRONA. The bonding between Jaya Aunty [Jaya Bachchan] and Abhishek on screen is terrific, it's an extension of what they're in real life. In fact, Jaya Aunty is the trump card of my film, the real USP. And as a director, I must add that it's one of her finest works ever," Goldie states with all humility.

Final words? "I am sure, DRONA would not only work with the Indian audiences, but also internationally," he says. Amen!