"'Drona' is my biggest, my best" - Abhishek Bachchan


By Taran Adarsh, Bollywood Hungama News Network

The countdown has begun for the two biggies that are slated for release this Idd: DRONA and KIDNAP. A lot is riding on these two films. In terms of economics, both are expensive films. Plus, the careers of Abhishek Bachchan [DRONA] and Imran Khan [post JAANE TU… YA JAANE NA] are at stake. Will DRONA live up to the humungous expectations?

"It's my biggest and best film so far," Abhishek Bachchan tells me. He's supremely confident this time. "I don't speak like this, do I? But DRONA is different. It's the most expensive film I am associated with. Besides, Goldie [Behl; the director] has executed the subject remarkably," he states.

Abhishek and Goldie have got together after more than seven years [BAS ITNA SA KHWAB HAI was released in July 2001]. In between, in 2006, Goldie had plans of making a thriller with Abhishek, but decided on making an adventure fare instead. "Goldie was disheartened after his debut film failed. Later, he diversified into television; he wanted to make his company secure before he announced his next film," Abhishek reminisces.

Abhishek credits his directors for the [sterling] performances he has delivered in films like YUVA and GURU [Mani Ratnam] as also SARKAR and SARKAR RAJ [RGV]. "If at all DRONA works -- and I hope it does -- Goldie should get the credit for it. He has worked very, very hard. I am sure, the Indian audiences haven't seen an adventure film like DRONA before," he says confidently.

Abhishek has worked in the DHOOM series as also SARKAR and its sequel. There's talk that a sequel to DRONA is in the offing. "Oh yes! Goldie has written so much in the intervening period that he's ready to take the DRONA series forward. In fact, the possibility of a sequel can easily be explored," he adds.