Don’t like starry treatment: Craig


By Hindustan Times

Actor Daniel Craig hates it when people treat him like a star, and finds solace in the fact that his family and friends still treat him as normally as they used to when he wasn’t as famous.

The Skyfall actor is one of the world’s most known faces, but he insist he’s no different to anyone else. “I can’t do all the things I’d like to do, but I have a normal life. My family and friends treat me as they always have. I want people to treat me as normally as they can. Anybody who doesn’t, I feel awkward with,” quoted Craig as saying.

Craig, who is married to actress Rachel Weisz, also says he finds it “embarrassing” being called a sex symbol. “It’s not like I go out there to be a sex symbol. I mean, it’s nice of course - but embarrassing,” he told Britain’s OK! magazine.