Don’t need to prepare for sex scenes: Randeep Hooda


By Hindustan Times

Randeep Hooda’s journey up the Bollywood ladder of fame has been a long and arduous one. The actor who started with Monsoon Wedding (2001) has, however, carved a niche for himself of sorts playing brooding, intense characters. And he feels that his film Jism 2, will take him one step

The promos, so far, have been talked about for their sensuousness and, of course, porn-star-turned-Bollywood actor Sunny Leone. But Randeep is nonchalant about all the talk surrounding her. “Before signing the film, I hadn’t heard or known much about her, other than that she had appeared in Bigg Boss 5.

I don’t watch TV, so I hadn’t even seen her on the show,” he says. He adds, “I didn’t sign the film because of her (Sunny). I would have signed it anyway, as the role offered to me is brilliant.” Randeep plays a musically inclined assassin in the film. And what is his perception of Sunny?

“There were many expectations initially from her (as an actor), so I didn’t know what to expect. She is still finding herself as an actor and learning the ropes,” Randeep says.
The racy promos make it seem that Jism 2 will have a fair share of sex scenes. Ask Randeep how he prepared for them, and he says, “How does one prepare?

You don’t need to prepare yourself. I think one has been preparing oneself for a long time. We have all had physical encounters in our lives. But more than the scenes or the erotica factor, I concentrate on the emotions, because it’s not an act in isolation.

It isn’t just about having sex but about an emotional relationship. I treat them like any other scene. We follow the director’s instructions, making them seem as real as possible, while keeping the boundaries of cinema in mind.”