Doc accuses Aamir's show of defamation


By Hindustan Times

An orthopaedic surgeon at Fortis hospital in west Delhi has sent a legal notice to the Aamir Khan-anchored TV show, Satyameva Jayate, accusing it of defamation after he lost his job. His wife appeared on the show on May 6 claiming she was put under pressure to abort girl twins.

Kamal Khurana, 40, alleged that all the facts in the story were distorted. "No body ever contacted me or my family to verify facts. The allegations levelled against us do not even match statements submitted to the court," Khurana told HT.

In its reply, Star TV said, "While joining Fortis, everyone has to declare any court cases registered against them. Perhaps, he (Kamal) didn't oblige and post airing of the episode, everyone knew about him, which is why he lost his job."

Khurana has also sent a legal notice to his wife Meetu.

"The trouble began when she forcefully made me sign an adoption deed to handover my younger daughter to her elder sister, who is suffering from breast cancer. A Directorate of Health Services report states that 'no sex determination' was ever conducted," Kamal said.

On the other hand, Meetu denied both allegations. "He willingly signed the deed as the family wanted only one child. And, a lower court has taken cognisance of the DHS report saying that all the events point to a forced test," she said.