Diya Mirza has super-blast in her first comedy

By Subhash K. Jha

Mumbai, Feb 16 (IANS) Diya Mirza is all set to change her prim image. She is acting in a comedy, "Fruit & Nut", directed by television's funny man Kunal Vijaykar.

She giggles: "It's meant to be a comedy. But it's an absolute horror because someone as wacky as Kunal is directing it. Boman Irani and Cyrus Broacha woo me in the movie. Can you imagine! I'm having a super-blast. It's my first full-fledged comedy. And it also involves a lot of physical comedy, which I've never done. It has been challenging, and finally a lot of fun to just let go. The smallest of actors in 'Fruit & Nut' are seasoned troupers, so I am constantly on my toes."

Diya says she's tired of being asked why the 'big chance' eludes her. "How can I answer that? For som