Dirty Picture: Teasers to crowd-pleasers


By Hindustan Times

Mumbai, Dec. 1 -- Movie promotions in Bollywood are undergoing a 360degree transformation. As the fight to grab eyeballs and break the clutter gets hotter, makers are going out of the box for unique marketing ideas.

To promote Vidya Balan starrer The Dirty Picture in smaller towns, the actor has been put on the cover in a first for Bollywood of a popular Hindi magazine, Manohar Kahaniyan. "Since the look of the film is popular on the pulp magazine circuit, it's being promoted with a completely different strategy in heartland India, where the spending power is rising, along with new multiplexes springing up.

They have also hired a separate agency, Spice Bhasha, for B and C-tier towns," says a marketing member involved with the film. So, just like Bodyguard and Force before, The Dirty Picture will also attack cities like Patna and Surat in a grassroot manner.

"Gone are the days where you marketed the movie in the top eight metro cities and your job was done," says Tanuj Garg of Balaji Motion Pictures, producers of the Milan Luthria film.