Director's dilemma - where to fit Sanjay Dutt song!


By Subhash K. Jha

Mumbai, Aug 22 (IANS) Apart from casting him as Ringmaster, a blend of rogue and angel with a touch of the supernatural, director Sujoy Ghosh has managed to make Sanjay Dutt sing a song for his film, but is now in a dilemma about where in the film he should place the item number.

"'Alladin' is already complete. I can't find a place for it! But the way my choreographers Bosco-Caesar have shot the song, it's is too cool to be used only as a promotional video. They've chorus dancers somersaulting in the air, foreigner-dancers doing flips. It's a dream come true for me as a director, how can I leave audiences out of it," Ghosh told IANS.

He now plans to either incorporate the song in the plot or use it in the end titles.

"I can't let it go to waste by using it only as a promotional film. Even if I did my producers would never allow it," he said.

The director says before they could think of a suitable singer for Sanjay, the actor himself was hooked to the beat.

"Dutt Saab, that's what I call him after his dad's demise, sang the track 'Maya' for my film 'Home Delivery' though he wasn't part of the cast. For 'Alladin', my music composer Vishal created a song 'Giri giri re bijuriya' which was supposed to be the signature time for Dutt saab's character named Ringmaster," said Ghosh.

"Though he didn't know it, we always intended to get him to sing it. No one else could have. And I was overjoyed when Dutt saab agreed. It is a very cool song. And he's done justice to it," he added.

Once the song was recorded, Ghosh convinced Sanjay that they must shoot for it.

"Why let it go to waste? I convinced Dutt saab to act in the song. It was too good a song not to shoot it would've amounted to criminal wastage of good pop art."

This is not Sanjay's first singing assignment. Earlier, he sang in "Khubsoorat" and "Zinda". He even sang with Asha Bhonsle in her album.