Director Samir Karnik abuses critics


By Hindustan Times

Samir Karnik, the director of Chaar Din Ki Chandni has lashed out at critics in a recent press conference. He not only abused the "critics who are not qualified to write reviews," but also threatened to beat them up.

The director, who was seen in a visibly bad mood, wonders who gives critics the permission to write when they don't have knowledge about films. "They are brainwashing people's mind and they should not be allowed to do so. They have got some personal vendetta and they should be banned."

"Saale pata nahi kaun inko critic bana deta hai. In kutton ko to likne ki ijaazat bhi nahi deni chahiye. Mere saamne aa gaye to thok dalungo saalon ko," (I don't know who authorises them to be critics. These people should not be allowed to write), he says.

He goes on to add, "We conduct press shows in a hope that critics would say nice things about our film, but it's only a false hope."

The director is also upset about the fact that some critics watch free shows of the film and still write unpleasant things about him. "From now on, I won't conduct press shows. If they want to watch, they can spend their own money. Popcorn bhi mera khaate hai, aur likhte bhi mere baare mein hain. Sharam nahi aati," (They eat my popcorn, and write against me. Aren't they ashamed?), says a fuming Karnik.

Samir Karnik has also directed Kyun! Ho Gaya Na..., Nanhe Jaisalmer, Heroes, Vaada Raha and Yamla Pagla Deewana.

Samir Karnik also doubts the veracity of award functions. He says that while Yamla Pagla Deewana was a success at box office, he didn't get a single nomination for the film. "My film was not nominated because I didn't pay money to them. Are kisko doon ye to batao. Ajeeb Ajeeb nomination hain. Kuch to de dete, ek audiography ka nomination to de dete. I swear, mujhe pata chale kisko paise dene hai, to main de daloon. Poora system, poora desh bika hua hai. (Somebody should tell me who should I give money to. They did not give me a single nomination)."

Tweeple react to Samir Karnik's comments
@pvijay: Samir Karnik wonderfully epitomises the Indian mainstream film industry of today. Take a bow, dude! :)

@AnOddYellow: Did Samir Karnik even watch his own film... stop abusing critics for doing their job !

@AniGuha: Interesting point Samir Karnik makes in that video. "There is Jeeturaaj." I have been wondering too: Who is Jeeturaaj?

@MaaNey: How can someone invest money into a script like Char din ki Chandni? I can do better jokes in my sleep. Shame on you Samir Karnik!!