The different shades of Bollywood Moms!


By Nikhil Ramsubramaniam, Bollywood Hungama News Network

Maa or mother is an integral part of Hindi Cinema. Right from Mother India to Mother 98, various Bollywood films have seen different portrayals of on-screen moms by various actresses. This Mother's Day, Bollywood Hungama takes a trip down memory lane and brings you various categories of Bollywood moms who have entertained us in more ways than one.

The Conscientious Mom

Like any mom, she too loves her child unconditionally but if need arises, she is even ready to correct him from going on the wrong track. For her, morals and values are everything and if she finds her child not adhering to morally correct behaviour, she is not one to take things lying down. In fact she would even go to the extent of killing her own son when he has reached a point beyond control.

Popular examples: - Nargis (Mother India), Nirupa Roy (Deewar) and Reema Lagoo (Vaastav)

The Vendetta Seeking Mom

She is someone to whom fate has dealt a cruel blow. Either her husband would have been murdered by the baddies or she raped by the goons. Now she is on a mission seeking revenge from those who spoilt her peaceful existence. In most cases, she is usually seen taking her son's help to settle scores with the baddies. Indeed 'Hell hath no fury like a woman (or in this case mom) scorned'.

Popular Examples: - Rakhee (Karan Arjun, Baazigar,Ram Lakhan and many more films), Rekha (Khoon Bhari Maang), Jaya Prada (Maa) and Priya Tendulkar (Trimurti)

The Hot-n-Happening Mom

They say, "Never ask a man his income and a woman her age"; this adage especially holds true for the 'Hot-n-Happening' Moms of Hindi cinema. They are the ones who don't look their age and even if they do, they are not ready to accept it. They are the ones who would be seen going to the salon, hitting the gym, wearing expensive brands and donning make-up to still look like a PYT.

Popular Examples: - Vidya Malvade (Kidnap), Rekha (Mother 98), Dimple Kapadia (Pyar Mein Twist)

The Dominating and Overshadowing Mom

Now this is one type of Mom you wish you never had. Nagging, Bossy, Dominating and Overshadowing are some of the adjectives that can be used to describe this Cine-Maa. She always likes to be in the limelight and will always try and exercise control even after the actor/actress has grown up to be an adult.

Popular Examples: - Zohra Sehgal (Cheeni Kum), Dimple Kapadia (Luck By Chance), Shammiji (Rangeela), Bindu (Om Shanti Om)

The Melodramatic - Over the Top Mom

Now many Bollywood films would have never been so much fun if not for the Melodramatic - Over the Top Kind of Moms shown in some of them. These are the types who are mainly responsible for rising decibel levels in the movie and have no mercy for the audience ears while mouthing dialogues. Everything about them, right from their look to their tone to is 'Over-The-Top' and this is what makes for an exciting watch.

Popular Examples: - Kirron Kher (Om Shanti Om / Dostana), Farida Jalal (Duplicate)

The Evil Mom

This is one category of Moms you would not wish even on your worst enemy. How can any mother in her right senses think ill of her own child? However in Hindi cinema, we have seen many such Moms who don't have any love whatsoever towards their offspring. In most of the cases, they are step-moms who seem to acquire their nasty traits from the evil moms of fairy tales. No wonder then that the most popular dialogue to describe The Evil Moms in Hindi films is "Tum Maa Nahin...Daayan Ho".

Popular Examples: Lalita Pawar (in countless films), Manorama (Seeta Aur Geeta), Aroona Irani (Beta), Hema Malini (Jamai Raja).

The 'Sugary Sweet' Likeable Mom

After so many different categories of Bollywood Moms, it would be apt to end this feature profiling the 'Sugary Sweet' likeable mom. This is indeed the kind of mom whose world starts and ends with her child. She can never even think of seeing any fault in him and leaves no stone unturned in showering love on her off-spring. Now who wouldn't want such a mom?

Popular Example: Aroona Irani (Raja Babu), Reema Lagoo (Maine Pyar Kiya, Hum Aapke Hain Kaun), Farida Jalal (Dilwale Dulhaniya Le Jayenge, Kuch Kuch Hota Hai)

While we have covered most of the prominent names that immediately come to the mind when we list down the popular categories of Bollywood mom, we would nevertheless love to know from you on those that didn't make it to this list but still remain memorable for their portrayal as a stereotypical Bollywood mom in any of the above mentioned categories. You may post your comments on the same in the section below.