DID Doubles: It’s the Final countdown!


By Hindustan Times

Mithun Chakraborthy, the grand master on Zee TV’s Dance India Dance Doubles, refuses to comment on the duos’ strengths and weaknesses, although he was responsible for creating two of the four finalist pairs.

“Their potential was visible. I just brought the right guys together. The rest is their hard work. I don’t want to take credit for it,” he says. “Today, if I comment on their strengths and weaknesses, I think I’ll influence votes. Each of the four pairs has worked on moving out of their comfort zones. And that’s their collective strength.”

Is there a pair he’d secretly place his bet on? “No,” smiles Chakraborthy. “I’ve always told them that the DID stage is only the beginning. There’s still a long way to go.”

‘We compete with ourselves’
Amit and Falon
It’s due to the constant grand salutes from Mithun Da (Chakraborthy), and the support of our mentors that we’re still in the competition. We dance from the soul and not the sole, that’s where we’re at an advantage. Our closest competitors are Cornell and Sonali. But we’d rather compete with ourselves because each pair has its own uniqueness, which makes the competition stiff. As of now, we don’t know what we’d do with the prize money and the goodies. But if we win, our days and nights spent practicing would be justified.

‘Our chemistry is sizzling’
Cornell and Sonali
We’re versatile and smooth with our lifts. Add to that our mentor’s efforts that have got us this far. Our sparkling chemistry gives us an edge over the other pairs. Amit and Falon are our toughest competitors because they’re brilliant and the finesse in their performances is phenomenal. They know their craft inside out and are trained dancers to begin with. If we win, we’d like to become professional dance trainers. With the prize money, it will be a lot easier to live in Mumbai and chase our dreams in the city of dreams.

‘Always nominated, never ousted’
Saurabh and Vivek
We’re the only finalist pair to have faced the eliminations rounds in almost every episode of the show. As underdogs, we fought back with vengeance. Our strength lies in our focus and relentless hard work. We’re also the only male duo in the contest now. We’ll watch out for Vikram and Niharika because they resurfaced in the contest after an early elimination. The one thing they have, and we perhaps don’t, is the chemistry. If we win, a part of the prize will go to a charity and the rest will be invested wisely to build our careers.

‘We don’t overshadow each other’
Vikram and Niharika
We’ve learnt to accentuate our positives and make up for each other’s shortcomings. We don’t overshadow each other and that’s our USP. Striking a balance is a must for dancing as a duo, right? Saurabh and Vivek have shown remarkable spirit in facing so many elimination rounds and never getting eliminated. We’re keen to know what’s their strategy for the finale. If we win, we’d like to split the money in such a way that we have enough to fulfill all our personal and professional ambitions.

Mithun speaks..
Each of the pairs has worked on moving out of their comfort zones. That’s their collective strength. I’ve always told them that this stage is only the beginning. There’s still a long way to go.