Dibakar Banerjee's next a detective thriller


By Hindustan Times

He is yet to wrap up his forthcoming movie, Shanghai. But filmmaker Dibakar Banerjee has already started work on his next project. And this time around, the Khosla Ka Ghosla director has set it in his hometown, Kolkata. Confirms Dibakar: “Yes, I am working on the screenplay.”

However, as rumoured, the film isn’t titled Kolkata. “It’s just based there, so only the working title can be Kolkata. We’ll think of the final title later,” he says. There was also some talk about Dibakar having drawn inspiration from a few Agatha Christie and Perry Mason novels to develop the script. But he isn’t amused with such hearsay. “It’s inspired by life and literature. It has got nothing to do with any Christie and Mason novels. It’s a detective thriller. That way, if I make a rom-com, you’ll say it’s inspired by Chetan Bhagat’s work,” says the filmmaker, whose Shanghai is due to release next year. “We are yet to fix the date.”

Another report about this project claimed that he had signed on Abhay Deol and Neetu Chandra, who last acted together in Oye Lucky Lucky Oye, for the film. “How can I talk to actors before finishing the screenplay? I don’t do that. It’s completely misinformed,” he clarifies, on the sidelines of the NFDC Film Bazaar.

Ask him if he will approach his favourite actor Abhay, who also stars in Shanghai, for this project and he says: “It depends on the script. I didn’t cast Abhay in Love Sex Aur Dhokha, when I could have. Plus, the premise of this new film is very different. I don’t do films like packages. It takes six to eight months with my co-writer to work on it.”