Dibakar Banerjee: 'Anurag recommended my name'



Mumbai, April 15 -- You cannot doubt the clout that filmmaker-in demand Anurag Kashyap has in Bollywood. So, a recommendation from him is believed to go a long way in the industry.

However, now, Anurag isn't recommending a newcomer, but a contemporary director. It was he who suggested Dibakar Banerjee's name for Bombay Talkies - a collection of four short films that celebrate 100 years of Indian cinema. When Ashi Dua, producer of Bombay Talkies, was looking for prominent directors, Anurag suggested she meet Dibakar. "Ashi first met me in 2011. She told me that Anurag had recommended my name for this interesting film. She knows Anurag well and took his advice," says Dibakar.

The meeting was fruitful and he signed the film. "The format of the film, and the fact that somebody was thinking ahead and doing something like this when no studio had foreseen this possibility, interested me. I was inspired by Ashi's dream," says Dibakar.