Diane Kruger to flirt with Anton Yelchin in 5 To 7


By Hindustan Times

Diane Kruger will fall for Anton Yelchin in upcoming indie romcom 5 to 7, reveals Deadline.com. The film is to be directed by Victor Levin, whose previous work includes series Crazy About You and Mad Men.

Kruger will once again be able to show off her French language skills in 5 To 7. She will portray the wife of a French diplomat who falls for a charming young man, played by Anton Yelchin. The title of the film refers to the French expression "5 à 7," that time of the day when promiscuous French businessmen can enjoy a little bit of extracurricular hanky panky before going home.

The film will start to shoot in February 2013, when Diane Kruger will be done working on TV series The Bridge.