Dia Mirza, the pretty painter!

By Hindustan Times

Salman is not the only actor who paints. There’s Dia Mirza too. The 30-year-old’s father, who was a graphic designer, was her first introduction to the world of colours and shapes and figures.

“My dad was an artist, and my childhood was spent amid paints, canvases and rotary pens. I grew up in an environment which encouraged me to play with colours. My earliest memory of any form of painting used to be my parent’s wedding anniversary. They used to hand paint cards for each other. Like most children, I was encouraged to have fun with colours. Then I took up art in school, in place of computers or home science.”

Dia poses for the photographers at the Art Show hosted by her in Mumbai

It was at the age of 16 that Dia’s life changed. “Then of course, career took a turn and I didn’t find time for it, or may be I didn’t want to find time for painting