Dia Mirza features in the December issue of tech magazine T3


By Bollywood Hungama News Network

If you are one of those who pay a regular visit to the bookstores, then we are sure you must've noticed that bookstores of late seem extra illuminated, more than ever! The reason for this is Dia Mirza, who is redefining the term 'cover-girl' and how...only on the December edition (which also happens to be the second anniversary issue) of 'T3', the tech-gizmo-gadget magazine.

We are really at a staggering short of words to describe the beauty with which she carries the flamingly crimson red dress on the cover. One mere look at Dia, and we start wondering if the dress is enhancing her or vice versa. But amidst all this, what we forgot about is the lucky cell phone that has found its place in heaven, we mean, Dia's palms! The reader will be in for a shock not to see her interview anywhere in the mag. But the shock will be doubled when they see her posing with all the latest gizmos and gadgets, which include a laptop, watch and yes... a cell phone also!

We are sure of one thing that those for whom gadgets and gizmos mean nothing will start meaning them the world after checking out this issue! Just check it out yourself...it's a collector's item!