'Dhoom 2' stunts far more daring: Hrithik Roshan ...


By Subhash K. Jha, Indo-Asian News Service

Mumbai, (IANS) Hrithik Roshan, who bowled over audiences with his

mind-boggling stunts in "Krrish", gets even more daring in "Dhoom


He is shooting the climax of "Dhoom 2" in Durban and says he is

going through one of the most exhilarating experiences of his life.

"You cannot even begin to imagine the feeling of snow-boarding a

steep mountain over here in Durban. As you hurl down a slope you've no

clue about where it's going to end. At that moment you forget all your

worries and joys. It's the most exhilarating experience in the world,"

Hrithik told IANS over telephone from Durban.

Though Hrithik took a while off to learn snow-boarding in Durban, he

still wishes he could master it to perfection.

"We haven't really had too much time for me to practise all the

stunts before facing the camera. I wish I could master them a bit


So, are these much talked-about stunts in "Dhoom 2" as daring as the

ones in "Krrish"?

"Oh, far more daring. Allan Amin and I are working on some of the

most audacious stunts ever seen or rather never seen in our films. I

don't think audiences have ever seen such action. Yes, they're risky.

But I'm taking calculated risks. You can't cross frontiers until you

take a risk."

Hrithik was in Namibia and now he is in Durban shooting the climax

of "Dhoom 2" with Abhishek Bachchan, Aishwarya Rai and Uday Chopra.

Bipasha Basu has just left.

Hrithik is missing his wife and son very much in spite of his busy


"And if you ask me whom I miss more, I'll have to say Susanne. I'm

so used to her being there with me on all outdoors. Every day feels

strange on this schedule. Not that I miss my son any less.

"I couldn't subject such a small baby to those painful vaccines and

inoculations. Susanne and family are in London. I might join them there

for three days after my schedule in Durban. And then we'll all return

to Mumbai together."

After playing the super-hero in "Krrish", Hrithik is having a ball

playing a grey character in "Dhoom 2".

"I can't remember the last time I had so much fun shooting a film.

Believe me as far as action scenes are concerned I've crossed another

threshold with 'Dhoom 2'."

He says he enjoyed the heart-in-the-mouth stunts he has been doing

for the last one week. "I'm having a really great time. There're so

many new things in this films. I had to train myself in different

skills. I had to learn roller-blading, snow-boarding, sand-boarding and

of course stunts on bikes."

Hrithik, however, preferred to remain ambiguous about his colourful

role in "Dhoom 2". "I can't say much about my character. He's grey but

not in any obvious way. It isn't exactly about being a villain. And my

performance is certainly not stunts alone.

"No Hindi film can work without the sensitivities and emotions

required. 'Krrish' had them and I believe 'Dhoom 2' will have them


The actor, who returns to Mumbai at the end of the month, is

overwhelmed by the feedback to "Krrish" in South Africa.

"They all love the film here. Virtually everyone seems to have seen

it. It's a great hit here. I just want to see how far it'll go. I wish

I was back home to see the impact 'Krrish' is creating. Never mind. If

I'm lucky I'll enjoy the success of both 'Krrish' and 'Dhoom 2'