Dhawan dhamaal!


By Hindustan Times

Mumbai, Oct. 7 -- Now, I want to bang my head on the wall. This dhobi Safedi Lal is back and has some really silly pieces of goss that he's begging me to share with you. Although I'm not interested, he is being so pushy that I don't have a choice. It seems the Dhawan men have been bonding big time every night. Rohit Dhawan and daddy David have been trying to guide young Varun Dhawan on his Bollywood acting debut.

Every night, they sit at the dining table and chat about their day. Eventually, every thing boils down to what Varun did while shooting with Karan Johar for Student Of The Year. Daddy and bhai have been doing their best to guide the young actor every which way. Ek ka directorial debut baaki hai, and doosra comedy ke aage gaya nahi. Kya paath padha rahe honge, God knows! Bechara Varun!