Dharmendra replaces Amitabh Bachchan in Har Pall


By IndiaFM

They've always been terrific co-stars. Now they're in a position where they can exchange roles …comfortably.

Amitabh Bachchan was slated to play a key role in Jahnu Barua's second Hindi film Har Pall which has Preity Zinta and Shiney Ahuja in the lead. In fact, Barua had even announced the indefatigable superstar's name in an interview. However, the dates proved to be the culprit. And the Big B had to bow out. Now it’s Dharmendra who has stepped into the part. Says Preity, "I've just completed a stunning film with Amitji entitled The Last Lear . It would've been great fun to work with him again. But Dharamji is adorable. I've done so many films with Sunny and Bobby. But I've never worked with Dharamji before. It's an experience worth cherishing."