Dev Anand plans two international projects after 'Chargesheet'


Mumbai Aug 21 (IANS) Octogenarian Dev Anand has started shooting for his ambitious project "Chargesheet" and says after completing it, he will make two international film.

To be made in English, Dev Anand's first international project is titled "When Heart Beats Are The Same".

"It'll be an intense love story shot in English. There are only two characters father and son. I'll play the father's role and for the son's role I will be sign a big star or a trained actor who is good at English," Anand told IANS.

"The rest of the cast will be from the country where it will be shot, be it Germany, Scotland or France," said Anand who hasn't finalised the location yet.

Anand, 84, plans to make the film for his own growth. "I have done everything. This film is for my growth. Let's see how this international project works out."

In addition to "When Heart Beats...", Anand also plans another international project, which is inspired from Indian music maestro Pt. Ravi Shankar's relationship with his daughter Norah Jones.

Titled "Song of Life", it will deal with the father-daughter relationship and Anand has already completed the script of the movie.

"When I was in America, I came to know that Norah Jones is Pt. Ravi Shankar's daughter. Immediately, the thought struck my mind that an American girl born of Indian musician father wins Grammy Awards on her own will make a great story," Anand said.

"I stayed there for two months to meet various people and gathered all the relevant information. Then I completed the script," Anand added.

Anand clarified that "Song of Life" is not a biography on Ravi Shankar.

"It is not a biography on Pt. Ravi Shankar. I met him there and explained that I am not making a biography on him, otherwise, I would have taken his permission," explained Anand.

"The thought or the idea inspired me and so I have written the script from it," said Anand who is hopeful that it will be an international hit.

Anand said though he has registered the script and the title of the film, but plans to film it after completing "When Heart Beats Are The Same".