Dev Anand misses Mohammad Rafi


By Hindustan Times

Mumbai, Aug. 1 -- Legendary playback singer Mohammad Rafi passed away 31 years ago on this day. And on Sunday, veteran actor Dev Anand couldn't stop himself from remembering the artiste. "Rafi's death anniversary today, but he is indeed immortal and I always feel he is around and in our hearts and soul I admire his voice and range.

Rafi a quiet and fine person (sic)," wrote Anand on Twitter, as he recalled the songs from films like Jewel Thief (1967), Man Pasand (1980) and Guide (1965). "'Dil pukare aa re...' from Jewel Thief and I think 'Logo ka dil...' in Man Pasand was his last song for me." Anand also went on to recollect a song that not many are aware of. "Very few people know that Rafi recorded a song 'Hum hi mein thi na koi baat...'. Then this song was replaced by 'Din dhal jaye...' in Guide because we felt that the composition of that song was not good," he says.

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