DERRING DO! Anushka Sharma ignored Salman Khan?


By Hindustan Times

It is a well known fact that Anushka Sharma supports SRK camp but ignoring Salman at the cost of it is a bit over the top.

At a recent film awards, the actress walked past Salman Khan as he was chatting with Imran Khan, reports Mid-Day. The tabloid quoted a source saying:

"At the event, Imran was seen greeting Salman Khan backstage. Anushka was also in the vicinity but she seemed in no mood to acknowledge Sallu’s presence. She even walked past Imran and Salman while they were chatting. Imran did not stop her in her tracks and nor did Anushka seem to be in a mood to. It may have appeared strange but everyone knows that both belong to different camps."

Does Anushka Sharma's behaviour show that she is more comfortable with Shah Rukh Khan and doesn't want to mingle with other Khans?

In an industry where being seen with the right coterie is an unsaid norm, is Anushka choosing wisely? Salman is after all having a dream run at the box office as we all know.

By this logic, if the source saw right, then Anushka is a friend for keeps!