Deol family teams up again


By Taran Adarsh, IndiaFM

Sunny Deol has just returned from a whirlwind tour of U.K. and

U.S.A. and is ecstatic that APNE has struck a chord with people of all age

groups. “It was wonderful. I haven’t felt like this since GADAR. They

shook hands, they wanted to embrace us wherever we went,” Sunny tells


APNE has recharged Sunny. “I’ve realized my mistakes. You will see

a different Sunny henceforth,” he swears. So what’s the resolve? “I’ve

decided to act in home-productions from now on. We’re starting four

films in the first round. At least I’ll have the satisfaction of doing films I am

excited about. I might accept assignments from independent producers

outside my company only if the role is very, very tempting,” he


A trustworthy source tells me that the APNE combo of father

Dharmendra and sons Sunny and Bobby would team up for another film.

“That’s true! It took us more than a decade to get the right script. But it

should be easier the next time. At the same time, I wish to add that we

wouldn’t hurry into our next project since APNE has worked. There’ll be a

sufficient gap for sure,” Sunny adds.

It’s said that he might direct a film again, after DILLAGI. “No such

plans. I wish DILLAGI had released today. It came much before its time.

With multiplexes around, a film like DILLAGI would’ve worked in a big

way today,” he asserts.