Deepika's South Indian home



Deepika Padukone’s happy to be home these days. She’s just moved into her new three-bedroom apartment in Mumbai, and can’t stop raving about it.

The 25-year-old actor’s new Prabhadevi house has interiors by Vinita Chaitanya from Bangalore, a family friend. “I could just tell Vinita what I
had in mind; she didn’t impose anything. I’ve travelled a lot, and wanted a bit of everything, but not a hotchpotch. And there are South Indian touches: lots of dark wood, and dull brass and gold,” says Padukone in an interview to fashion glossy, Harper’s Bazaar.

Deepika’s housewarming party created a lot of buzz, with many actors tweeting about it. But she’s wary about giving details: “It was very, very private and personal, and unfortunately news of it came out. It was a nice way of reciprocating a ‘thank you’ for everyone who’s worked with me,” she says in the magazine’s latest edition.

While the industry feels she’s never looked better, Padukone attributes friends like Manish Malhotra for grooming her: “Somewhere, they’ve seen me really raw, right at the beginning. After Om Shanti Om (her first movie), Shah Rukh said that it wouldn’t have been such a success if I had not been part of the film. It’s things like this that really mean a lot to me, and that’s what stays with you at the end of your career.” Today, if she’s confused about a project and needs advice, she’ll call Farah Khan. “I may be busy travelling, but I know a lot of these people will always be there for me,” she says.