Deepika's date ruined!


By Hindustan Times

Mumbai, Nov. 19 -- Deepika Padukone had to miss a special date on November 10. The story goes like this: the actor is fascinated by the Taj Mahal and has apparently been quietly visiting the 17th century mausoleum in Agra on full moon nights for the past six months, having already made five trips.

But on November 10, the most recent full moon night, she was forced to abandon plans just two days before leaving, when the staff at her hotel informed her that people had been inquiring about her visit. The staff was concerned that her presence would create a mob-like situation, and that the actor wouldn't be able to vacation in peace.

"Once the (hotel) management called in panic, there was no way Deepika could go, as she doesn't want people to know about her nocturnal visits," says a member of her entourage. A year ago, the actor had visited the monument for the first time for a photo shoot.

Apparently on October 11, another full moon night, she sent her staff members into a tizzy when she disappeared for 24 hours. The former model was at Delhi's fashion week, where she closed the show for designer Wendell Rodricks. Finally, she called her panicking staff to say that she was at the Taj Mahal.

When contacted, Deepika says, "It's a very personal matter, and I really want to keep it that way."