Deepika spotted kissing Siddharth Mallya!


By Hindustan Times

Seems like Deepika and Siddharth have finally come out of the closet about their relationship. The rumoured couple was seen kissing and hugging in public.

After the euphoric win of Royal Challengers over Kolkata Knight Riders, Deepika and Jr. Mallya who were in the stands to cheer for Vijay Mallya's IPL team couldn't resist celebrating the win with some intimacy.

After months of speculation, their public display of affectation has set the rumours mills in an overdrive. Though the couple has always maintained that they are 'just friends', their intimacy tells another tale.

deepikaWhile the couple has always denied their relationship, Kevin Pietersen added fuel to fire when he tweeted that he had lunch with Siddharth Mallya and his girlfriend (Deepika).