Deepika: 'Pilates keeps me fit'


By Hindustan Times

NEW DELHI, Oct. 2 -- For Deepika Padukone, fitness is not an option, it's her lifestyle. Instead of making diets and exercise a compulsion and driving yourself up the wall to follow them, make them a part of your lifestyle," is her advice. The actor says little things like a 20-minute brisk walk around your building and taking stairs are good enough to maintain an average fitness level.

"People take a lift to the second floor. Can't you climb? At airports or in my building, I don't use escalators," she says. Deepika is also a sports freak. While it is a known fact that the actor was an avid badminton player before she joined films, she tries and maintains her fitness routine even now. She says that she tries to play sports on outdoor shoots. If she can't go to the gym, she swims or dances in her room.

Experts also say that it is the best way to keep fit even without doing a rigorous exercise schedule. During her athlete days, when she played badminton, she starting the day running for forty minutes, combined with weight training. Evenings were spent playing badminton for three to four hours, five times a week.

"Because of excessive training, I was tired and took a break from exercising before I turned to yoga a few years ago," she says. And now, since a month, the actor has taken to a combination of gym and Pilates, with her trainer, Yasmin, who according to Deepika is a "complete taskmaster."

She says, "If you have someone who only gently nudges you, then you end up being lazy. Yasmin and I have been working out together only for a month, and the best part is that I can already see results." Deepika further added, "I've never had to go through drastic weight loss programmes or crazy regimens, but I feel my body has the potential for a lot more tweaking and definition. Pilates helps with that as it hits the right areas."

The actor is a non-believer in fad diets and never ever gives in to the temptation of going for those crazy diets in a bid to lose weight fast. Deepika says, " I never ever go on crash-diets. I never starve myself. I eat in moderation. I do indulge in a small piece of dark chocolate every night so I don't crave for a full desert." The actor also shuns the common notion where fitness is misunderstood with size, so she signs off saying, "Fitness doesn't really mean you have to be thin and skinny."