Deepika Padukone enters top ad league?

By Hindustan Times

The fact that she is one of the youngest leading ladies in Bollywood seems to be working wonders for Deepika Padukone these days. The latest news is that the 26-year-old actor has apparently been signed on for a whopping sum of Rs 5 crore (for a year) by a popular soap brand she endorses.

The actor has been the face of the beauty soap for almost four years. So when her agreement came up for renewal a few days ago, the brand managers went out of their way to retain the Om Shanti Om (2007) actor. Taking into consideration her youth connect, brand recall and long association with the brand, they apparently made her an offer she could not refuse.

When contacted, ITC Limited that owns Fiama Di Wills refused to comment on the figure. However, the spokesperson says, “Deepika is a perfect embodiment of a 21st century woman a