Deepika to Bruna's rescue!


By Hindustan Times

Mumbai, Nov. 5 -- I was lounging in the lounge when Vijjay returned on BBM all excited about Bruna Abdullah. Ab yeh kaun? Oh yeah, that item girl who was once Salman Khan's pet squeeze.

Well, Bruna is now doing a jiggy with desi boyz Akshay Kumar and John Abraham. Good, I mumble, hoping Vijju will take the hint and ring off. But he's another thickskinned Mottu.

He's now rambling about how when Bruna was shooting the song, her short dress developed a long tear and she rushed to cover up. Guess who rushed to her rescue? Co-star Deepika Padukone.

Apparently, Deepi sent her designer to the girl's room with instructions to stitch up Bruna's costume so she could return and shake a leg. Wah, wah, heroine ho to aisi. Now can I please rest in peace. Vijjay's appalled by my RIP message. He's threatening to rush back. Kya karen, such is life dearies.