Danis lets Emraan go!

By Hindustan Times

Mumbai, March 11 -- Emraan Hashmi's film with Danis Tanovic (Best Foreign Language Film Oscar winner for No Man's Land in 2002) is one of the biggest projects in the actor's career. Yet, in the midst of shooting for the yet-untitled film in the interiors of Patiala, he has to take a break, effectively delaying Tanovic's schedule by a week.

The reason: Balaji wants Emraan back in Mumbai to complete patchwork of his upcoming release, Ek Thi Daayan (ETD), produced by Ekta Kapoor. According to an insider, "Emraan needs to be back in Mumbai for a week. The team at Balaji had a word with Danis, who wasn't very happy, but he allowed Emraan to go."

The actor has been shooting with Danis for the past month, and the film's schedule is close to ending now. They also shot a major portion in Berlin. The insider adds, "Danis understands how the film business works and the way technicalities go; so he is