Daler Mehndi's Sheila Ho Ya Munni becomes rage online

By Hindustan Times

Are you too singing the Munni and Sheila song? No, we aren’t referring to Munni badnaam hui and Sheila ki jawaani, instead it’s the spoof song Sheila Ho Ya Munni, by singer and music composer Daler Mehndi, that is creating a buzz these days.

The song sees Mehndi take digs at Sheila and Munni and has become quite a rage on internet. Choreographed by Raka, its video is directed by Vikas Gulati.

Since the song talks about the want to kiss, it has left many surprised to see this coming from Mehndi. “Why can’t I make a song like this? People were singing for Sheila and Munni, I just put the two of them together. The song talks about the want to kiss, but there’s no kissing in it. In fact, even Mika (Mehndi’s brother, and